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The Beer Run isn’t about who’s the fastest or fittest, it’s quite the opposite actually! It’s all about good people, good beer, self-love, and self-expression. Founded in 2016 by ilumin8 events, since then we have served over 27 800 beers, had 100% finisher rate and had 5 awesome events.

The route consists of a 5km run, there are 5 beer/cider stops or as we like to call them “Dehydration Stations” on the route. Each beer/cider stop is stocked up with a different craft beer, cider or non-alcoholic beer and will provide a bush bar, music and chill area where you can relax your weary body before heading on to the next point.

Once you’ve completed the roughly 5km course, we’ll welcome you back into the Ultimate After-Party with an ice cold beer at your final beer stop and a full afternoon of festivities – music, games, giveaways, food trucks and more beer!

Liqui Moly South Africa is the official lubricant of The Beer Run, Liqui Moly making sure your vehicle never suffers from the same hangover you do.

Maxxis Tyres South Africa handles the Beer Pong duties and to make sure participants go home with more than just a hangover.


The earlier you enter the less you pay
Early Bird Entry
R250pp (teams of 4 or more R230pp)
Early Bird Entry
The cheapest way to enter the beer run, but be quick once these tickets are extremely limited, and sell out very quickly. Commit early and score a reduced rate. Once early bird tickets they sell out, we move to normal entry pricing of R280pp
Normal Entries
R280 (teams of 4 or more R260pp)
Normal Entries
Our standard pricing, after early bird tickets sell out we move to standard pricing.
Late Entries
R320 (teams of 4 or more R300pp)
Late Entries
A month before The Beer Run event we move to late entry pricing.
Last Round Entries
R350 (teams of 4 or more R330pp)
Last Round Entries
Your last chance to enter, if any tickets for the event are left a week before the event, we move to our last round pricing. Entries on the day will be R400 with no team discounts applied.


  1. What is included?

An awesome 5km run/walk route, with all the bells and whistles, an amazing finishers medal, access to the finish area festival, 5 beers en-route.

  1. What is a Dehydration Station?

You will know all about these once you reach the finish line! A Dehydration Station is our name for a beer stop. Your entry allows you one beer at each dehydration station. Each one will feature a different beer that you can try. The dehydration stations will appear every 1km along the route, so you will never have to go too long without a full beer in your hand.

  1. Is this thing timed?

It’s beer o’clock on our watch. But if you’re feeling competitive well then we recommend wearing a watch and timing yourself, if you have one of those fancy heart rate/step counter thingymabobs, who knows maybe you will get some loyalty/fitness points for your efforts.

  1. What is this team thing about?

Do you drink alone? Neither do we! More people=more fun, so enter, create a team and invite your friends to join you, You even get a discount! On race day you start together, drink together and even dress the same (optional unless you are identical twins, then your mom probably dressed you the same anyway)

  1. I like drinking but I don’t like running, can I still come?

This event was made for you! It is not a race (don’t let those skinny buggers in polly shorts tell you otherwise). We don’t care how you get to the beer stops it is all about spending time with your drinking buddies. Each beer stop is equipped with a chill area, entertainment and great views so you can take your time en-route. Anyone can do 5km, especially with the motivation of a beer every kilometre.

  1. Can I bring my own beer from home?

No, unfortunately all extra beer must be purchased from one of our vendors . We do however recommend you buy a “road beer” from one of our vendors before heading out on the route.

  1. Can I bring my baby in a stroller/pram?

As long as the pram is capable of doing some off-road and you have a designated pram driver, you can bring your little racer along. Please be aware there could be a chance of rain and intoxicated people en-route.

  1. What if it rains?

Do you stop drinking beer in the rain? Neither do we, the show will go on! Bring a rain jacket or umbrella and suck it up princess. Beer tastes the same in the rain

  1. What is The Beer Run®route like?

A mix of jeep track, paved roads and farm dirt roads, we promise there is nothing that will make you trip and spill your beer.

  1. Can I bring my dog if he/she likes beer?

Nobody likes dog hair in their beer! We suggest you leave Fido at home for this one.

  1. I’m not fit can I walk?

Yes, of course, the route even has a shortcut to the finish (you will miss some beer stops and the free beer that goes with them if you do shortcut) if you are feeling like a beer bench is where you would rather spend the rest of your day.

  1. What if I don’t like beer?

You know this the beer run right? Seriously we don’t want to exclude you so certain beer stops will have cider or flavoured beer options, we will even have some 0,0% options for your designated driver or your mom.

  1. Do you have carb free, gluten free Banting Beer?

Yes, we call it water! It will be available at each Beer Stop, to help the rehydration process, we don’t want you peaking too early. Please note this will be good old government water, not the fancy bottled stuff, we don’t want you going soft.

  1. Ok where do I get my ticket from?

Once you have registered online, all you need to do is print out your confirmation and bring it with to the beer run. You should aim to be at registration at least 45minutes before your start time. Here you will receive your run number, beer vouchers for the beer stops and batch start armbandss. Then we suggest heading to the bar to grab your favourite brew to start warming up! If you have to ask if its too early for a drink.. Then you’re an amateur and and we can’t be friends.

  1. Can I register on the day?

Unfortunately, if we reach our capacity we won’t allow registrations on the day as we don’t want beer riots when the beer points run out of beer. Check out our event Facebook page for updates on when we are nearing capacity. Always remember the early drinker catches the worm, usually in a shot of Tequila.

  1. Can we buy spectator/festival tickets?

Spectator/festival tickets are free, just bring money for food and beer. The Beer Run accepts cash or Zapper, so download the Zapper app before you come. With Zapper your phone can be your best drinking buddy, because it never runs out of money.

  1. What time do we start?

You select a start batch when you enter, this time is based on what you feel is early enough to start drinking (we feel the earlier the better), if you entered as a team, your team captain should have your batch start time.

  1. Some “friends” have dropped out of The Beer Run can we transfer their entires to someone else?

Once you have deleted your so called friends off Facebook, you can log into your my active account and transfer their entry to a new real friend.

Beer Run® FounderRichard Beswick